Unbelievable Photography of Animal Portraits by Katerina Plotnikova

Moscow-based Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova created these stunning images with the help of real live animals!
We know that it is not really sage but these shots were made conceivable with the assistance of expert creature coaches. The bear, held by a lot of people as an image of primal quality and impulse, differentiates particularly well with the exquisite princess it has grasped. Luckily, she has furnished us with a couple of lovable off camera photographs demonstrating how the creatures are postured by their mentors, including a shot where the bear sneaks a nibble from its coach over the model’s shoulder.
Witness this inspiring photography concept by Katerina Plotnikova.



Behind the scene
katerina plotnikova behind the scene
via: BoredPanda
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  1. Posted by lloyd

    this was amazing.! This is also a life and death situation because, we don’t know if they bite you or anything. They are awesome they take pictures for us people. Great!

  2. Posted by Christy Denton

    These are some amazing pictures. What talented models too!

  3. Posted by Franc Ramon

    Some of the scenes look really scary for the model but good job to the animal trainers and the photographers as they have classic photos here.

  4. Posted by russ r.

    I loooove all her photos. I’m sure it was challenging, but it’s worth getting scared … hahaha! Her models were also great! America’s Next Top Model or Asia’s Next Top Model should get her as a guest photographer for one of the challenges.

  5. Posted by Jhady

    Woahhww!! These are crazy! I love it. How they manage to take photos with wild animals is beyond my understanding but they did a great job. I love it.

  6. Posted by Fabulous Perks

    Those are all great shots. It’s so hard to select a favorite, I love them all.

  7. Posted by Sandy Sandler

    So impressed with the beauty of each and everyone of these shots. I say that even about the orange snake photo! yikes! lol

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