Creative Reflection Photography by Tom Hussey

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered how much you’ve changed? How do you imagine yourself 30 to 40 years from now or from then? The idea of Tom Hussey’s Reflections series manifests the relationship of past and present through reflections of elderly subjects’ younger selves in a mirror. His bittersweet photographs depict life as a bullet train – a reminder of how quick time passes by while reflecting on stops in its motion.
Hussey’s creative reflection photography was used for Novartist’s campaign for Exelon Patch, a skin patch used as treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, as his specialization involves advertising. In an interview with the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), the photographer elaborated on the process of conceptualizing and producing his reflection photographs. His conversation with Gardner, a WWII veteran, became the springboard for his realization on aging as the veteran talked about his life experiences, feeling time fly fast. “I realized that everyone thinks of themselves at a certain age or time in life,” Hussey said to ASMP.

What’s more is, Hussey and his team made sure that both the younger and older models’ counterparts resemble each other in order to achieve realistic results. His work has indeed attracted a large audience as the photographs put an inspiring message forward.















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Visit Tom Hussey’s website for more of his amazing work.

  1. Posted by Steven J

    After looking at the pictures, I realized what I would look like when I am this old?Err.. I hope that time I am happy and enjoying my old grandpa self.

  2. Posted by Paris Laurel

    Interesting. Such photos make people reflect on their personal lives. Love this! When the story vindicated by photos is something the viewer can relate to and reflect on. Thanks for sharing! :)

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