Awesome Ping pong Ball Doodle Design by 2much

Give an artist a pen and he or she can doodle anywhere. From walls to scratch papers to tissue papers and paper cups to practically anything. For “2much“, he has found comfort scribbling on balls. His 2008 project Save the Balls was meant for a violence-free and safe shelter for abused ping pong balls, as he said.
Check where his random ping pong ball doodles led him, totems and totems of balls creatively drawn with funny doodles and designs that can serve as perfect decoration in your office and home!

These sculptures were made during, the very hard time, where I stopped smoking and was searching for a meaningful alternative… My solution was to buy a package of those balls and every time I had the urge to smoke a cigarette, I would start painting one of those balls.Since I was used to smoke A LOT, soon after a short while I had a very large number of those balls and were already filling them with cotton and glued them together to create “THE TOTEMS”


save the balls 1

save the balls 2

save the balls 3

save the balls 4

save the balls 5

save the balls 6

save the balls 7

save the balls 8

save the balls 9

save the balls 10


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