Artistic Personalized Paper Dolls by Jordan Grace Owens

Paper dolls are just one of the classic and inexpensive toys of kids for over two hundred years, way back when papers existed. These are two-dimensional, or sometimes even three-dimensional, figure drawn or printed on different kinds of special paper with clothing and accessories made to be clipped on them. Today, a lot of contemporary artists are turning these toys to many art forms.
You thought paper dolls can simply sit down in your box of collectibles as reminiscent of your childhood but these days, you can make customized paper dolls as gifts for your friends and can pretty much substitute to the rectangular-framed portrait of a family hanging on your wall.
Scroll down and see the impressive custom paper dolls by Jordan Grace Owens that can give you inspirational ideas.


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If you’re interested in her customizable paper dolls you can visit her website. You can also check her Etsy store. She’s also offering different kinds of illustration services aside from paper dolls.
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  1. Posted by imommobile

    i really love these paper dolls their so cute!

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