10 Inspirational T shirt Design Templates for 2014

People love t-shirts and one thing they will always look first is the design and next is the t-shirt itself. When choosing a t-shirt design, it will always depend on your mood. If you’re happy today, I guess you will choose a happy color like yellow, orange or pink, right? There are lots of interesting and incredible T-shirts designs online. Today we pick the best and simple design of them.
Scroll down to see what we have for you. 10 Inspirational T shirt Design Templates for 2014.

t shirt design tempate 2014

Leo Khachaturyan
t shirt design template

T-shirt design – Bears.inc by kic
tshirt design template
Funny Camera Photography T-Shirt


Berlin T-shirt design for Startup Safary by jimagic
t shirt design templates

After my Heart
t shirt design templates

Cool Tshirt Design from Up North
t shirt design templates

Two Plus Three equals 5
t shirt template designs

Threadless Tshirts
tshirt design templates
Here Detroit Tee by Fab
t shirt design templates


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If you think you have a good t-shirt design better than this 10, feel free to comment them below.

  1. Posted by Franc Ramon

    The designs are so cool. Definitely great shirts to collect.

  2. Posted by Ria C

    I like the designs. They are catchy. I like the photoshop and Berlin shirt designs.

  3. Posted by Ria C

    I like the Berlin and photoshop designs. They are all very catchy!

  4. Posted by angelina monterio

    every t-shirt is so beautiful.

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