Artist Paints Seaside Murals While Balancing on His Paddle

New York based artist Sean Yoro (aka Hula) rides on his surfboard to paint wall and hyper-realistic portraits of women, at the edge of the water. These fresco’s, made with acrylic paint, reflect on water and the women seem bathing or almost drown in the middle of the waves.

This Pen Lets You Write and Draw on Any Surface Virtually

Phree lets you write, draw, annotate, and express yourself in countless other ways. On virtually any surface.   You will never forget an idea again in case you have no paper to write on with it. This amazing pen lets you translate your ideas into drawings and notes and

Your Guide to Creating a Successful Design Inspiration Blog

Building a successful blog may sound like a daunting task. But what was once a complicated process has been demystified and broken down into simple procedures that even a layman will easily understand. This is due to the numerous online guides out there – like the one from First Site

Outstanding Origami Sculpture of Animals by Quyet Hoang Tien

Quyet Hoang Tien, an origami artist from Vietnam is giving life and makes everything interesting on every pieces of paper he is folding. Through the ancient Japanese art of folding, he manage to create delicate and beautiful pieces of decorative sculptures of animals on papers.   Using a special

FREE Vintage Textures and Color Overlays For Your Photo Effects

                                4 free hi-res abstract textures with vintage grunge style from Cruzine Design exclusive for Dealjumbo! Great for your vintage designs or photo effects. Enjoy   Download Now!   2 free hi-res abstract textures

Interesting Pen and Ink Illustration by Gian Bautista

Project Dutdot is the pen & ink illustration art of Gian Bautista. The artworks in the project are created by pen & ink on paper, scanned, and post-processed in Adobe Photoshop. The look and feel of the project is a combination of doodle and tattoo art.   Gian Bautista

Interesting Pacman Packaging and Brochure Design

This fantastic and creative art is a student project. Looks awesome, is it not? The designer is Craig Sutton of RMIT, Melbourne Australia. This packaging and brochure design is inspired by the well-known videogame ‘Pacman’. The interactive design crafted with meticulousness is featured in the packaging allowing for the

Illustrator Adds Funny Cartoons To Strangers’ Instagram Photos

Lucas Levitan, a Brazilian illustrator based in London, uses his creative and wild imagination to invent alternative cartoon stories in a real life context with real people on a picture. In what he calls “Photo Invasion”, Levitan’s working hand invades other Instagram users’ photos adding thereon awkward illustrations or

Very Cool Sticky Note Pad Piggy Bank

A very cute piece of stationery has been created by Chiandchi, a Taiwanese design studio. This thing has a double function – as a sticky note pad and a container for coins. The top half consists of sticky notes you can use by peeling them off one by one

Outstanding Body Paint Illusions by Trina Merry

Trina Merry is a body painting artist based in San Francisco. She added a layer of mystifying artistic concept in this kind of art – body paint illusions – by using contorted bodies of yoga experts and circus performers, carefully painting the bodies as to reflect and represent a