Interesting Pacman Packaging and Brochure Design

This fantastic and creative art is a student project. Looks awesome, is it not? The designer is Craig Sutton of RMIT, Melbourne Australia. This packaging and brochure design is inspired by the well-known videogame ‘Pacman’. The interactive design crafted with meticulousness is featured in the packaging allowing for the

Illustrator Adds Funny Cartoons To Strangers’ Instagram Photos

Lucas Levitan, a Brazilian illustrator based in London, uses his creative and wild imagination to invent alternative cartoon stories in a real life context with real people on a picture. In what he calls “Photo Invasion”, Levitan’s working hand invades other Instagram users’ photos adding thereon awkward illustrations or

Very Cool Sticky Note Pad Piggy Bank

A very cute piece of stationery has been created by Chiandchi, a Taiwanese design studio. This thing has a double function – as a sticky note pad and a container for coins. The top half consists of sticky notes you can use by peeling them off one by one

Outstanding Body Paint Illusions by Trina Merry

Trina Merry is a body painting artist based in San Francisco. She added a layer of mystifying artistic concept in this kind of art – body paint illusions – by using contorted bodies of yoga experts and circus performers, carefully painting the bodies as to reflect and represent a

Creative Sushi Designs that You will Love

Sushi is a famous Japanese dish in the form of rolls or balls consisting of vinegar-flavored rice with raw fish or vegetables. Other people add ginger or egg.  This mouth-watering dish should not be confused with sashimi, the latter pertaining to raw fish, and the former having rice as its

Best Board Games for Kids and Adults 2015

As we face the year 2015 with the improvement of technology, board games of today also improve with their new and enjoyable game features playable by children and adult. There are also new board games that are sophisticated but very suited for those young strategic minds craving for intellectually

Celebrities without make-up captured by Polaroid Camera

Chuck Close, the iconic American artist, is well known for his photo-realistic paintings that look like photographs. For the Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair, Close has taken a series of photos that look like paintings of his that would look like photos, except they are photos, if you’re still

8 Beautiful Gift Package Design Ideas for Inspiration

Christmas is nearly coming! Gifts are also nearly coming! But you will never want your gifts to be less attractive or not attractive at all. Put some Christmas package designs in wrapping your gifts – the recipients will surely love them. A Christmas package design will make your gift

Amazing Sketches that Brought to Life by Sébastien DEL GROSSO

Paris based artist Sébastien Del Grosso loves to sketch himself into pictures but this one is different. He took self-portraits then sketched himself into it by partially adapting the original pictures and creating an effect that will definitely get your attention.   Since his childhood, Sébastien Del Grosso always

New and Artistic 2015 Calendar Design for your Inspiration

It’s time to change your 2014 Calendar to 2015. It means new calendar design on your desk, on your wall or even in your pocket. Don’t be sad replacing your old calendar design to a new one because there are lots of designers out there that will inspire you